About Us

The Advisers Top Town New Plymouth

Who are The Advisers?

Bruce Flay has been in the insurance business since 1983, providing insurance sales and advice to his many clients.  He is the founding director of the company, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table when assessing clients’ insurance needs.  The current company structure was formed in 2003.  It now incorporates three advisers (Bruce Flay, Jacinda Doell and Mike Weren) and four very competent support staff (Christine Upson, Stacey Jones, Debbie Prevett, Jane Bishop and Sandra Slattery) to help with all clients’ policy servicing needs.  We adhere to a company philosophy of striving to provide the best possible service to our clients and look after them in the best way we can.

We welcome you to like our Facebook page and make contact with us this way.  We are always happy to talk with you and provide some support and guidance.

Why would you use an insurance adviser or broker?

An adviser works within the insurance industry so understands the scope of cover provided by different policies, as well as having a handle on all that insurance jargon!  They have the knowledge to fully assess your particular needs, then do the leg work for you by approaching various insurance companies for cover options.  They understand how to compare different insurers and policy types, and will take into account complicated policy wordings, varying excess levels and premium options.  The focus for The Advisers is not necessarily finding the cheapest price, but getting the best quality of cover for you.  After all, there is no advantage in paying premium for a policy that is not going to meet your expectations and needs at claim time!  And if (or when) that claim time comes, your adviser can support you through the claim process and liaise with your insurance company to ensure everything runs smoothly for you.

What’s important to you that’s worth protecting?

Your Life and Lifestyle?
Provide financial security for you and your loved ones against illness, death and disability.

Your Income?
Your earning ability is one of your greatest assets, yet it’s often the one least protected.  Live your life with confidence knowing your income is secure.

Your Health?
In times of illness, ensure you can gain access to the right healthcare services when you need them.

Your Liability?
Protect yourself against your legal liability for injury to people or damage to others’ property.

Your Assets?

  • Protect your assets from the cost to repair or replace them following accidental loss or damage:
  • Your home or rental property
  • Your personal possessions
  • Your car or motorcycle
  • Your trailer, boat or caravan
  • Your business contents or stock
  • Your machinery, plant or tools
  • Your farm buildings and other farm assets

At The Advisers, what matters to you matters to us.