Puriri Path

Puriri Path | The Seed of The Future

Image courtesy of Kookkai_nak / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Why choose The Puriri Path?

The Puriri Path is a unique use of a life policy that allows you to leave a bequest/ legacy to your chosen organisation or club.

Motivation behind The Puriri Path:

  • We are constantly hearing about the difficulties that clubs and organisations face seeking funding.
  • Without the strength of volunteers and loyal members many clubs would simply not survive financially.
  • Sometimes a person may wish to leave a legacy to their favourite organisation but all their assets are tied up in trusts, leaving nothing to give.
  • Applying for grants or community assistance is now a large part of a club’s activities, and it is getting more difficult.
  • Puriri Path is all about future funding.

How to make The Puriri Path work for you:

  • Contact The Advisers to get the process underway.
  • A supporter decides on the level of financial support they would like to make, and applies for a Puriri Path life policy.
  • The supporter and organisation enter into an agreement outlining premium payments, proceeds distribution, managing future changes and intentions.
  • The policy is then transferred to joint ownership with the chosen club/organisation.
  • On the death of the supporter the club lodges a claim with the insurer and receives the legacy.
  • Because the organisation is an owner of the policy, the proceeds from the policy do not get held up in any estate disputes or probate issues.

The seed we plant today grows into the financial legacy for the future.