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Protecting Your Things

Business Assets Insurance

  • Buildings
  • Contents
  • Plant and machinery
  • Stock

The physical assets belonging to a business can represent a significant financial outlay.  Your commercial buildings and assets may well have a mortgage – can you afford to repay such a debt in the event your building is damaged or destroyed?  Your assets could be at risk of loss or damage due to earthquake or natural disaster; theft or burglary; fire and other accidental damage.  Having adequate insurance in place means your assets could be quickly replaced or repaired, allowing you to continue working with a minimum of delay and financial strain.  Ensuring your business assets are adequately protected is just good business practice!

Company Vehicle Insurance

It is important to think about how your business vehicles are used when obtaining insurance.  Private motor vehicle policies are not generally designed to cover vehicles being used in conjunction with certain occupations; or while towing, hauling or carrying goods and tools in connection with a business.  Don’t take a chance with your vehicle insurance – get in touch with us today so we can assess your needs and make sure you have the right cover in place.

Business Interruption Insurance

Commercial tenants: Imagine your business has just suffered a major loss, such as a fire at your premises.  The building you occupy is severely damaged, and it is going to take several months to repair the damage.  You have cover for your business assets so you will be compensated for the loss of contents, stock and tools.  But how do you compensate for your loss in profit; or the extra costs required to continue working while the damage is repaired?  This is where business interruption insurance comes in.
Commercial building owners: Imagine it is your building that has just suffered the major loss mentioned above – a serious fire.  The time it’s going to take to repair the damage might mean several months of reduced rent earnings.  Business interruption insurance can provide cover for loss of rents receivable for commercial landlords.

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