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Protecting You and Your Farm

Public Liability Insurance

Accidents and mistakes do happen, so having good liability insurance in place is essential for any farm operator.  You may become legally liable to pay compensation for damage to property or personal injury as a result of your farming operations.  Can you afford this kind of financial outlay?

Statutory Liability Insurance

Statutory liability insurance exists to cover farm operators for claims made against them under most government Acts.  In particular, farmers can be susceptible to claims under the Resource Management Act.  Inadequate disposal of farm wastes or pollution of the land and waterways can lead to substantial fines being imposed.  Do you think you have a need for statutory liability insurance?  Contact The Advisers today!

Employers Liability Insurance

Having employees is part and parcel of running a farm.  Nobody likes to consider these worst case scenarios, but what would the financial implications be for you if an employee were injured in the course of their work?  Depending on the circumstances, employers liability insurance exists to cover farm operators for defence costs and any sums they are legally liable to pay for reparation as a result of employee injury.

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