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Protecting Your Things

Farm Assets Insurance

  • Houses
  • Farm buildings
  • Plant, tools and machinery

Your farm assets represent your business and your livelihood, so being sure you have adequate insurance in place is essential for peace of mind.  Houses and farm buildings can be comprehensively covered for losses affecting the buildings, including earthquake and other natural disaster damages.

Your other farm assets are probably many and varied.  Have you considered the value of the assets you have on your property and the financial impact significant loss or damage would have?  Farm assets insurance can extend to cover almost anything; from fences, shelterbelts and cattleyards; to bridges, dams and culverts; from fertiliser, animal feed and hay; to crops and livestock; and fusion of electric motors.  Let us assess your needs and come up with the right insurance solution for your farm assets today!

Milk Insurance

Milk is a major source of income to many farmers in New Zealand, and like any other asset on your farm you should consider insuring against milk losses.  Milk is at risk of accidental contamination; and deterioration due to a change in the temperature of a refrigeration chamber.  Transport route blockage may prevent a dairy company from being able to collect your milk.  Farmers are also at risk of having fines and penalties imposed by dairy companies as a result of supplying contaminated milk.  Talk to us about your options for milk insurance today.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

This can cover accidental damage to machinery arising out of your farming operations.

Farm Vehicle Insurance

Farm vehicles require a different sort of cover to private motor vehicles.  Whether you have the latest model ute with all the bells and whistles or a basic paddock run-around; you need to be sure your insurance covers both your farming activity and use of the vehicle on the road.  For all your farm bike, tractor, machinery and vehicle insurance needs, give us a call today!

Horse, Dog and Livestock Insurance

Cover for death by accident.

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